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Full Version: Linear Bearings manufacturers
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A new, innovative, roller guide.
An integration of ultra-high rigidity, ultra-high motion accuracy, and ultra-high damping capability.
Deformation decreased by reducing the load, and the EXRAIL was able to achieve 1.5 times higher rigidity than conventional roller guides.
● Incorporation of multiple needle rollers, which are longer and smaller in diameter than conventional rollers, reduces the amount of load per roller.
● Reduced load means less deformation, and the EXRAIL was able to achieve 1.5 times higher rigidity.
Reduced rolling element passage vibration* to less than half by dispersing load on to multiple miniature rollers.
● By dispersing the load on to multiple miniature rollers, the rolling element passage vibration* is reduced to less than half.
*The periodic postural change due to the amount and position of the rolling elements supporting the load.
Frictional resistance generated by multiple rollers improves vibration damping capability to more than 1.5 times than that of conventional types.
● Dynamic friction becomes relatively larger since the number of rollers is increased, and time for convergence of oscillation is shortened.
This allows vibration damping to be more than 1.5 times higher than that of conventional types in the market.
Needle rollers and the latest innovative technology are incorporated to meet expectations for a roller guide of the new generation.
Incorporation of Needle Rollers
Multiple rollers allow the load to be dispersed.
In addition, longer roller length increases the contact surface between the roller and the block/rail, and reduces contact pressure.
Long-term Maintenance Free
Contact of lubricated resin material and rollers contribute to extended re-lubrication intervals.
❶Porous Resin Material ❷Roller Contact Area ❸Guide Rail
Multiple Lubrication Ports
Oil holes placed in three directions - the front, top, and side - for easy maintenance and more flexibility in lubrication options.
❶Side Oil Hole ❷Upper Oil Hole ❸Front Oil Hole(Grease Fitting Standardized)❹Side Oil HoleLinear Bearings manufacturers